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From that concept spawned Jorge´s “Casero” saddle stand, which is now an trade icon. Jorge Kurczyn has been designing luxurious, handcrafted, western furniture and saddle stands in North America for practically 25 years. From his coronary heart, to paper, to building, Jorge transforms his 300 plus saddle stands designs to lovely practical artwork .

WHEN DELIVERED TO ITS DESTINATION ensure to inspect the box or crate. The saddle stand is nicely crated, with loads of safety, and it is very uncommon that a delivery company damages our merchandise. If the saddle stand arrives damaged, do not accept it, and inform us instantly so we can begin on the alternative.

In addition to our custom saddle stands, Jorge Kurczyn is a designer and manufacturer of luxurious handcrafted furniture. There are a number of strains of beautiful furniture available to the residential and industrial sector, including American Western, Spanish Colonial, Contemporary and Fashion. All of the furnishings is built with strong timber wood and made with the finest materials out there. Jorge Kurczyn´s legacy of designing stunning handcrafted furniture and saddle stands for the western world continues to this day.

horse accessories

Your saddle stand may be embellished with hand hammered copper, hand-tooled copper western designs, wrought iron particulars, or personalized with burnt or carved initials or ranch brands. He introduced a saddle residence from a polo match and placed it inside his home on a stand that he had constructed. In these days a stand was referred to as a saddle rack, and it might be present in a barn or tack room. A rack was cheap and disposable, and it was used to assist a saddle when it was not on a horse. Not liking the name “saddle rack”, Jorge known as his a “saddle stand”. The stand was each practical and exquisite, proudly on display inside his house.

Our luxury, stable wooden, saddle stands have been the first manufactured in America for retail, and to this present day they’re liable for setting the business standard. That said, Jorge Kurczyn´s western saddle stand designs are also probably the most copied. Saddle stands by Jorge Kurczyn Western Furniture are the preferred on the market. They are designed to be a perfect match, supporting your saddle for generations to come back. Jorge´s saddle stands are constructed to last and are guaranteed for all times. Each saddle stand is constructed by our skilled craftsmen, and their abilities are unmatched .