Best Tips For Leave Dogs at Home Alone

Having pet like dogs is certainly very fun. However, sometimes if you have an urgent need to get out and have to leave the dogs alone at home. Of course you will feel afraid because the dog might feel lonely, let alone bark continuously and disturb the people next door. The bad result is if the dog is lonely, they might become sad and don’t want to play anymore.

Well, don’t want that to happen, do you? Of course, everyone wants to maintain good bonds with their pets, so they don’t want to have the heart to make them sad and lonely. Actually can only leave the dog alone at home. However, you must prepare various things that he might need. So, follow these few steps before leaving your dog home alone.

1. Leave enough food and drinks

Just like previous humans, dogs also need to eat and drink. So, when you want to go outside, make sure your dog’s food and drinks are enough. If you are only leaving for the day, make sure to fill the food container with 2 meals and a drink. If you want to leave it within 2 days, use a larger food container and fill it with a full meal.

However, if you plan to leave it for more than 2 days, it’s better to leave it to the pet hotel or to the closest person, OK? This is so that your dog is not lonely and always eats well.

2. Make sure all doors and windows in the house are closed

All dogs certainly always feel safe when they are near their master. However, if you are forced to leave them and make them feel lonely, the dog will try to do something to get out of the house and find its owner.

Therefore, keep your dog away from stairs or objects they can climb. After that, make sure the doors and windows in your house are sturdy enough and tightly closed so that your dog can’t escape.

3. Avoid some dangerous goods

Since you have to leave your dog home alone, you can’t keep an eye on its, right? So, dogs can do anything without worrying about being scolded by their master.

For that, make sure you stay away from risky items, such as sharp items and foods that are risky for dogs, and broken equipment in the house. That way, you can be calmer to leave him alone at home.

4. Prepare the dogs needs

Not only humans have needs, but also dogs, you know. Moment leaving them, you need to share some toys that can accompany them. Dogs love toys that they can bite, roll or make noise with. So, make sure to share the toys they enjoy, OK?

You also need to train them to urinate on the training pad or bathroom. This will help you so that the house is not so dirty when you leave the dog.

5. Share a spacious and comfortable place

Dogs are active animals, so you need to prepare a large and safe place for them. If you leave him at home alone, don’t lock your dog in a cage. This will stress them out, let alone get sick, you know. It is better to choose a spacious cage with an open top. At least, they can always run and do activities in the cage.

6. Ask someone to check the condition of the dogs

This guide to leaving the dog at home can be said to be very meaningful for you to live, especially when you are going to leave for a long time. You need to ask to check on the condition of the dogs every now and then, from looking at their food to how they urinate and defecate. Sometimes, dogs don’t want to eat if they feel lonely, you know.

You can make a dog care guide note that contains the dog’s routine, how to bathe it, the schedule for eating and walking, and medicines if they suddenly get sick. So your dog is always well looked after. So, those are some tips on leaving your dog at home alone that you can consider before traveling. Make sure to do all of these things so that there are no problems, Ruppers.