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pet injured

The technologist will place small steel disks on your chest, legs and arms. The disks have wires that hook to a machine that information your electrocardiogram . The ECG keeps observe of your heartbeat through the take a look at and may sign the computer when to take a scan. Your physician will have the ability to tell if your coronary heart muscle is functioning or (if the guts muscle isn’t working) in case your coronary heart muscle continues to be alive by how nicely it takes up and uses the different tracers. The physician will decide this by analyzing the pictures to search out the place the tracer is. Viable heart tissue will soak up extra of the tracer than tissue that’s no longer viable.

Several scans are accomplished over time to offer footage of skinny slices of your entire coronary heart from all angles. It’s essential to hold fully still together with your arms above your head whereas each scan is being carried out.

pet injured

If you’ll have a nuclear chemical stress check , you’ll get a drugs that increases the blood move in your coronary heart, similar to what occurs throughout train. These medicines could embrace adenosine, dipyridamole or dobutamine. The doctor will examine how well your heart takes up the tracer earlier than and after receiving the drugs.

If you have severe coronary artery disease, some areas of your coronary heart could not get sufficient blood throughout a stress so the tracer won’t present up in those areas. Next, the tracer might be injected and your coronary heart shall be scanned once more. Doctors will take a baseline image of your heart earlier than the tracer is injected. Within the PET scanner, detectors document the radioactive patterns of the tracer in your coronary heart. The data is transformed into photographs on a computer display.