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We offer these saddle stands with quite a lot of entrance panels and end choices, from strong panels to leather and customized design colours. Give us your adorning ideas and we are going to incorporate them in your saddle stand design. Don´t let the slim look fool you, as they are stable constructed and robust , but lighter than their brother the casero stand, and straightforward to handle. These are good saddle stands for the tack room or barn. Corriente, Santiago, and Tack Room Rack are all new members to our saddle stand family.

WHEN DELIVERED TO ITS DESTINATION make certain to inspect the box or crate. The saddle stand is properly crated, with loads of safety, and it is very uncommon that a delivery company damages our merchandise. If the saddle stand arrives broken, do not accept it, and inform us instantly so we can start on the substitute.

We determined to create these throughout saddle stand fashions so you should have extra choices in displaying your saddle. Design and constructed to resemble their brother, the Casero saddle stand. These saddle stands fashions are built from the same unique to scale. Although bits, bridles, and saddles could be something you are excited to accumulate before you deliver your horse residence, it could be greatest to attend. That means, you’ll be able to custom fit your horse, keeping it snug and joyful. Other objects like brushes, buckets, and lead ropes could be bought nicely forward of time, so that they’re ready in your horse when it arrives. You should also have several weeks’ supply of hay and any supplements or grain you decide to feed your horse.

horse accessories

When your saddle stand arrives, be prepared to dissemble the crate, and you will need a powerful powerful drill to unscrew it. For more visible details and details about our saddle stands, visit Jorge Kurczyn´s YouTube channel. Register with us on Facebook to stay in contact with us and see the most recent furnishings and saddle stand designs. We ship our saddle stands worldwide via FedEx and UPS. It will also depend on their circumstance for supply, but normally we add one week of grace to the time-frame. If you’ve a preference as to your delivery firm, it’s totally acceptable to us. We will contact them as per your request and prepare supply.