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Wysong canned cat foods are an integral function of any healthful feeding routine. Much like with dry canine meals in general, canned dog food quality varies significantly, and may comprise unhealthful components which might be extra conducive to revenue than health. Wysong has leveraged the canning manufacturing process to create almost totally meat diets which might be actually appropriate for canine. Our ninety five+% meat Epigen™ canned canine foods symbolize the highest form of canned food plan out there. Like our dry Epigen™ diets, our canned canine foods are Starch Free™ with maximum attainable meat content. Wysong canned canine meals may be fed as a standalone meal, or as an adjunct to Wysong dry and raw canine foods.

Diamond V Yeast and selenium yeast are added to help wholesome milk manufacturing. Canned cat meals present a possibility for dietary superiority as compared to different pet food varieties, and Wysong’s canned cat meals line incorporates all of these dietary benefits. Our Epigen™ line contains 95+% meat content, and is a canned food plan that carefully emulates the natural feline food plan. Epigen™ canned cat diets are available in six varieties, every with a different protein supply.

Our canned dog foods are available six varieties containing completely different meat proteins, which facilitate ease of necessary food regimen variation and rotation. Wysong dry dog foods are designed to imitate the archetypal canine food regimen, and are uniquely formulated and manufactured to satisfy – as carefully as possible – the carnivorous genetic necessities of canines.

healthy horse

Our many dry pet food varieties allow ease of rotation and dietary variation, as really helpful by Wysong. The spectrum of protein sources helps to ensure your canine achieves wanted dietary variation. All of our dry dog foods include Wysong’s business-leading micronutrient spectrum. Whether Original Diets™, Optimal Diets™, or our Starch Free™ Epigen™ varieties, Wysong dry dog meals serve as a wonderful base to a healthful food plan. Few moments are extra treasured than watching a as soon as starved horse, now wholesome and pleased, sharing a new house with a loving family. View our record of horses and donkeys, absolutely vaccinated, all medical work completed, and able to join you and your loved ones. A balanced food plan is essential to good well being, but as many horses and ponies don’t need the really helpful quantity of conventional compound feed their food plan can typically be missing in key nutrients.

The Epigen™ canned cat meals facilitate ease of food regimen rotation and variation as suggested by Wysong. Our canned cat food line is rounded out with Uretic with Organic Chicken™, which is the canned counterpart to our successful Uretic™ dry cat food. Uretic with Organic Chicken™ is a canned cat meals with excessive meat content material, and is specially formulated to contribute to urinary well being.