How to treat cat diarrhea and its causes

How to treat cat diarrhea?

It is very sad to see our cat has diarrhea or diarrhea, his body will be thin, his appetite is reduced, lethargic, weak and looks unkempt. For this reason, in this article, will share information about the causes of cat diarrhea and how to treat it. Hopefully, by reading this article, friends will understand better how to deal with cats with diarrhea or loose stools. Alright, let’s just discuss what the cause.

Causes of Cats with Diarrhea or Diarrhea

Here are some of the causes of cat diarrhea that we have grouped based on the level of seriousness. How to treat cat diarrhea and its causes. Cats have a sensitive digestive system, when you change feed spontaneously it can make the cat experience diarrhea. So when changing cat food you should do it gradually. In addition, do not give the cat leftover food, it is feared that the food is no longer hygienic.


Pay attention to the hygiene of the water you provide, be diligent to replace it. And it would be even better if the drinking water you provide is mineral water or boiled water. If you want to give milk to the cat, you should give special milk for cats, not milk for humans. This is because cats have a hard time digesting lactose.


Diarrhea can also be caused by cat stress. Things that can cause stress for cats include climate, predators.

Causes of cat diarrhea

Virus or Bacteria

In some cases, there are bacteria or viruses that cause diarrhea in cats, one of the most popular bacteria causing diarrhea is the bacterium Escherichia coli.

FIV / AIDS is Cats

This virus is very dangerous, not only for cats but also very dangerous for us. Transmission of this virus can be through bites. Fortunately, cats are still rarely found infected with the virus. So so that your cat is protected from dangerous viruses like this, you should immediately vaccinate your cat.

Inflammation of the Intestines

Inflammation of the intestines or panleukopenia is common in unvaccinated cats. This disease is considered very dangerous, because it can cause vomiting, anemia and severe diarrhea in cats.

The cat’s kidneys are damaged

The cause of a cat’s kidney damage is a lack of water intake, so as a good employer we should provide adequate water and balanced with dry food. Kidney damage in cats can trigger other diseases such as diarrhea.

How to treat a cat with diarrhea

1. Giving ORS (only for animals)

You can buy ORS for animals at the nearest Pet Shop or directly at the vet. Just ask the seller and ask how to use the ORS. (In general, how to use is already on the packaging)

2. Multivitamins

There are many types of vitamins for cats, buy vitamins to increase the cat’s immune system. Besides being able to relieve diarrhea, vitamins are also very good for prevention.

3. Giving Worm Medicine

Why is it a worm medicine? Eiitss..don’t get me wrong, diarrhea can also be caused by worms in the cat. If diarrhea is caused by worms, usually the cat’s poop has worms.

4. Alternative Diarrhea Medicine Norit

You can give the cat a human diarrhea medicine, such as norit. The dosage is as follows: Dissolve 1 pill of norit in 10 ml of water. Drink 1 ml of the solution to adult cats, while for small cats only 0.5 ml.

How to treat cat diarrhea naturally

1. Yogurt (only during loose stools)

Yogurt contains good bacteria, namely Lactobacillus which is classified as non-pathogenic bacteria and is good for digestion. However, for cats, you should choose non-lactose yogurt or low lactose levels.

2. Giving Soyabean

For beginner cat lovers, there may still be many who don’t know that chubby can be a diarrhea medicine for cats. Please buy raw tempeh then boil and cut into small pieces and then give it to your cat.

3. Electrolyte Solution

As first aid, you can give the cat an electrolyte solution. The way to make it is quite easy, which is to prepare 900 ml of clean water, mix it with 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt. If your cat has trouble drinking, you can feed it using a small syringe (a syringe without a needle).