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healthy horse

“As we age we now have decreased muscle mass, and the muscle that’s there can be easily overstretched,” Dr. King says. Some individuals may be more likely to develop a Charley horse than others.

healthy horse

Risks embody smoking, weight problems, taking water tablets or diuretics, and/or medication referred to as statins to decrease cholesterol, Dr. Glatter says. A Charley horse can strike anyone at any time, however some people may be more more likely to experience these painful muscle spasms. Here’s what causes Charley horses and the way to prevent them. Alfa-Beet A high-fibre feed combining alfalfa and unmolassed sugar beet, two sources of extremely digestible fibre.

Hi-Fi Molasses Free A low calorie, sugar and starch fibre feed, best for leisure horses and ponies and people vulnerable to laminitis. Healthy Hooves A nutritionally-balanced, low-calorie, excessive-fibre feed for leisure horses and ponies with added biotin. Feed 500g of Healthy Hooves Molasses Free per 100kg of your horse’s body weight.

It is important to weigh your scoop to ensure that you’re feeding the correct quantity. Healthy Hooves Molasses Free is a nutritionally-balanced, low-sugar and starch feed for promoting healthy hooves. A nutritionally-balanced, low-sugar and starch feed for selling healthy hooves. If you tend to get Charley horses when you are sleeping, stretch your calf muscular tissues and drink a glass of water earlier than bed to assist stop dehydration, Castiello adds. Other diseases that cause abnormalities in electrolytes such as liver disease or thyroid disease may also enhance your risks of developing a Charley horse cramp, he says.