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dog litter

Our litter box is extra like a 2 ft by 3 ft tub with rocks and soil and grass in it. Without query, the most typical downside homeowners have with indoor rest room facilities is getting their dog to use the product. Real grass stimulates your dog’s natural intuition to alleviate himself, and most canines discover these grass swatches to be good for pooping and peeing.

The pan he has is to massive anyway, I would significantly respect it. A cat litter field is to excessive to get into and the sides are to excessive.

dog litter

He had a stroke three years ago and is blind in a single eye so he sees shadows on that facet so he’s scared to go in and out as the pan overhangs into the door by 4” so he will get scared. If anyone is aware of of a company that makes them the size I want let me know.

The answer to your question is, “it depends.” Sorry — I know that’s not very helpful, but the truth is all canine are individuals, who’ll respond to litter bins in several ways. We have a litter box with soil and native grass and try to get our adult dachshunds to make use of it – solely thing is that we have 4 of them.