Texas Dalmatian Gives Start To 16 Puppies

dog litter

So, to ease the anxiousness, be ready by ensuring you have every thing you want in your whelping checklist. Dogs are completely able to dealing with the complete whelping process on their own. After she delivered 6 beautiful puppies I realized she really didn’t need me there at all. I was utterly and totally careworn before Raven’s first litter. Use disposable fabric to shortly dry each pet, ensure he’s respiration then let mama do the remainder of the cleansing.

I would even be interested in a list of items wanted for the submit birth 3-8 weeks which are wanted. My breeder gave me a listing of things I must be considering however I could be interested in what you suggest. It sounds like you could have every thing fully beneath management, however what lots to have to think about. I’m looking forward to seeing the puppy photos.

It’s okay for mama to eat the placenta, however don’t let her have greater than 2-three. She could find yourself with an upset abdomen and diarrhea.

For the record Raven ate 3 last time without issue. Puppy Collars – Not your common nylon buckle puppy collars. You’ll need something much smaller for your newborn pups. We actually like these Velcro Puppy ID bandsfrom Amazon. Exam Gloves– We used a different pair of gloves with each puppy once more to try to keep things as clean as possible. Vaseline – for taking a rectal temperature and in case one of the puppies will get caught.

dog litter

Early congratulations in your upcoming litter. I hope every thing goes well with you and your upcoming litter of pups. Whelping Supply Checklist – Everything we could consider that we want for Raven’s next litter of Golden pups. If so, tell me what you have in your whelping equipment in the comment part beneath. If that is your first litter then I highly suggest you first check out the Basic Whelping Kit for Puppies.