The Importance of Pet Cats for Consuming Vitamins

Being a cat owner is not only obligatory to give him food, drink and shelter. Owners must also maintain their health by giving cats vitamins. A sick cat can spread the disease throughout the house. Before that happens, it’s better to prevent it by maintaining its health. Cats must get enough nutrition and maintain their immunity. Including to meet basic nutrients such as protein, amino acids, and fatty acids. Everything is needed by the cat’s body even though in not too much amount. Here’s how to choose good vitamins for cats:


Choose by reputation

Good cat vitamins will have a good reputation among cat lovers. You can look at reviews on the internet, ask veterinarians for advice, or ask for recommendations from acquaintances who have cats of the same type.

Based on the cat’s health condition

Sometimes, different cats have different vitamin needs. Especially if the cat has a special health condition. For example, cancer survivors, are pregnant/breastfeeding, have a physical disability, are sick, or have allergies. Cats that often have difficulty urinating should not be given vitamins that contain flavours.

Cat likes

Cats are animals that are good at choosing food, including the vitamins they need. Make sure the cat likes the taste and texture of the vitamins so you don’t have a problem. If the cat refuses even after a few times, it means that the vitamin is not suitable for it. Forcing a product the cat doesn’t like will traumatize it and make it more difficult to supplement it.

Do not give humans vitamins

Even though it seems trivial and maybe the ingredients are not much different, don’t give human vitamins to cats. Cats have different weights, metabolisms and needs than humans. Substances that are safe for humans are not necessarily safe for cats.