Tips for cleaning purebred dog to stay healthy and have beautiful fur

Dog are cute and adorable animals besides cats. Many residents who like to maintain this 4-legged fauna. Sometimes for those who are not familiar with pets, seeing dogs is very scary because dogs are synonymous with barking and biting too, chasing.

Indeed, there are several breeds of dogs that are known to be fierce, such as the Doberman, Shepherd, and also several other breeds of strong-bodied dogs. These people are known to be muscular, sturdy and fierce. Moreover, it is not a responsibility to hit most of all against foreigners.


However, there are many cute dogs that are not at all fierce. Poodles, chihuahuas, and many more dogs are not fierce or overwhelming.

Methods of Caring for Puppies

In general, people are happier with dogs since they were toddlers. Not only cute, dogs are also easier to get along with the owner because they are used to it. Taking care of puppies of course there are special tips. Here’s how to take care of puppies:

Bathing With Routine

The whole happy dog ​​is clean. Dogs are also known to be happy when they are bathed. Domestic dogs are not used to dirty atmospheres. One of the best ways to take care of a puppy is by bathing it vigorously. To bathe the puppy to be safe should use warm water. Early age needs warmth. Don’t get used to taking a cold shower. Warm water has a massaging sensation, the ability to open pores will make the dog’s body cleaner because dirt comes out of the exposed skin.

Dogs love massage. When bathing the dog, massage the body for a long time while rubbing special dog soap or shampoo on all body surfaces. Gently rub while rubbing to shed the old hair, so that new, healthier hair develops. After being washed thoroughly, the dog is dried with a towel and then dried using a hair dryer.

Methods for Caring for a 1-Year-Old Puppy

Meals and Drinks Must Be Awake

Good nutrition makes dogs develop better. Distribute nutritious drinks and treats to puppies.

The method of keeping the puppy must be balanced with the provision of a decent ration. Puppies really need a large nutritional intake. Dog milk needs to be given special. Distribute by using a bottle or when you can drink yourself you can put it in a container. Dogs also need drinks, not just milk. You can prepare boiled water into a drinking container so that at any time the dog can take his drink.

For meals, you can distribute dry food or wet food at the pet shop. Advantages of dry

Food is not easily damaged and can be carried anywhere easily. Meanwhile, wet food has the advantage of superior and complete nutritional quality. The body is also easier to process wet food. If you don’t bother, occasionally you can cook a combination of vegetables and minced meat combined with rice to give to puppies. This meal will further increase the puppy’s immune system.

Take Regular Rest

Animals also need rest for physical fitness. Physical health is expensive. Methods to keep puppies healthy are also tried by protecting the dog’s rest pattern. Rest the dog like a child,

are night and day. Place a small foam mattress in the animal’s cage while sleeping. Dogs can be trained to defecate and urinate in an orderly manner so that feces do not want to be brought to the bed.

For small dogs such as Chihuahuas, a sleeping bag can be made with a safe foam base. Dogs don’t like to sleep in the black. Share explanation

small dim but safe for sleeping. If you have air conditioning, there is nothing wrong if the puppy sleeps in an air conditioned room to make it safer.

Don’t think that only humans like refreshing. Animals also need relaxation. Happy puppy with color. Share games such as watching tv, looking at the aquarium or taking a walk to enjoy the beauty of nature. Dogs love new atmospheres. This will make him happy which will increase the body’s energy.

An afternoon routine will keep the puppy feeling fit all the time. Playing some kind of throwing ball,

Catch the stick too, providing freshness to the dog. After that, training dogs to socialize such as playing with fellow dogs or gathering dog communities is an activity that your puppy needs.